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The Dark Box expansion is here and it’s bigger than ever! The public beta test for the Dark Box will start on September 10th, so be sure to get your hands on this new deck before you have to wait. You can also look forward to a special bundle release in October that comes with ten booster packs and one of two exclusive foil promo cards from the next set – Primal Clash.

The “pokemon expanded decks 2021” is a set of cards that was released in the year 2021. The set includes all-new card designs, and some old favorites as well!


Since the reign of Zoroark-GX and Darkrai-GX three years ago, dark types haven’t entirely departed the meta. Since then, cards like Eternatus VMAX have dominated the format, and the game continues to produce more dark-themed cards. As a result, the “Dark Box” deck has evolved through time and now has multiple varieties, each packed with Dark Pokemon and Energy that work together to provide you a range of attack possibilities. Here’s a new Dark Box deck for Pokemon TCG Online’s 2022 Expanded format that Canadian player “christianlabella” got 12 points with in a recent tournament.

Dark Decks have traditionally been most effective in Expanded, when cards like Dark Patch and Max Elixir help make them super-fast and consistent, allowing them to stay relevant in the meta despite power creep.

Dark Box Expanded Deck for Pokemon TCG Online in 2022

The Dark Box deck list for Pokemon TCG Online’s Expanded format in 2022 is as follows:

****** Deck List for the Pokémon Trading Card Game ******

##Pokémon – 12 ##Pokémon – 12 ##Pokémon

* 2 Crobat V SHF 44 * 1 Darkrai-EX DEX 63 * 2 Darkrai-GX BUS 88 * 1 Galarian Moltres V CRE 97 * 2 Zoroark-GX and Greninja UNB 107 * 1 Mega Sableye & Tyranitar-GX UNM 126 * 1 Sneasel UPR 73

##35 Trainer Cards

* 3 Professor Juniper PLB 84 * 1 N FCO 105 * 1 Colress PLS 118 * 1 Guzma BUS 115 * 4 Quick Ball SSH 216 * 4 Max Elixir BKP 102 * 4 Dark Patch DEX 93 * 4 VS Seeker PHF 109 * 3 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92 * 2 Ultra Ball FCO 113 * 2 Hypnotoxic Laser PLS 123 * 1 Computer Search BCR

##Energy – 13 ##Energy – 13 ##Energy

* 13 Energy of Darkness Energy 7

60 total cards

Substitutes and deck composition

Except for Crobat V, the Dark Box deck is rather adaptable, and you may change the numbers of your Dark Pokemon (and Dedenne-GX, which is an Electric-type but will help you draw cards). Because the two cards operate together, it makes logical to remove one Darkrai-GX if you don’t have Hypnotoxic Laser or only have one. This deck will also assist you in determining which of these cards work in tandem, allowing you to change your counts based on your preferences or card availability, since not all of these cards are as beneficial in other decks.

I wouldn’t attempt to utilize any Special Energy or adjust the Energy card counts since they don’t function with the crucial cards in this deck like Max Elixir or Dark Patch. Instead of Colress, you may use a Boss’ Orders and a different Ace Spec than Computer Search. If you don’t have Dangerous Drill, you may also skip it and use Air Balloon instead of Escape Rope.

Dark Box cards should be stapled.

Only Dark-type has a deck like this because of Max Elixir and Dark Patch. Dark Patch allows you to fetch and attach Energy from your discard pile, while Max Elixir allows you to fetch and attach Energy from the top few cards of your deck. While there are cards in Fire-type decks that accelerate Energy, such as Welder, these are Supporter cards and cannot be spammed like these.

04409-1-300x139Staple cards for the Dark Box Expanded deck Pokemon TCG Online The Pokemon Company provided this image.

Sky Field is another amazing Dark Box card that works nicely with cards like Greninja and Zoroark-GX, as well as the basic Zoroark-GX in other decks. Sky Field, because of Darkrai-ability, GX’s doesn’t damage you as much if it’s discarded, and your bench size drops from 8 to 5. Darkrai-EX is another must-have card for Dark decks, since it grants all of your Dark Energy-attached Pokemon free Retreat Costs.

If you love playing Dark decks, I suggest getting all four of these cards since they are common in most of them. Galarian Moltres V’s Ability to attach Energy from the discard pile to itself (without stopping your turn) might help you accelerate your Energy even more, and if you have Sky Field, you’ll have room for it as well.

Hypnotoxic Laser with Darkrai-GX

With the perfect combo, Darkrai-GX can achieve some wild surprise knockouts. For begin, it has the ability to resurrect itself from the dead. When you do that, it also gets Energy from the trash pile.

Restoration ability

If this Pokémon is in your discard pile, you may place it on your Bench once during your turn (before your attack). Then, from your discard pile, attach a [D] Energy card to this Pokémon.

You’re now ready to use its GX attack by manually adding one additional Energy and one using Dark Patch or Max Elixir.

GX-Dead End

If a Special Condition affects your opponent’s Active Pokémon, that Pokémon is Knocked Out.

Trying to figure out how you’ll obtain that Special Condition? Simply use Hypnotoxic Laser to put your opponent’s Pokemon to sleep.

04409-300x208Darkrai in the Dark Box Expanded deck for 2022 for Pokemon TCG Online The Pokemon Company provided this image.

What is the purpose of Battle Compressor?

The OHKO chain of Darkrai-GX is simple to complete, and you can make it even simpler by discarding Darkrai-GX and Dark Energy from your deck using the Item Card Battle Compressor. You may search your deck for up to three cards and discard them with Battle Compressor.

This card pairs nicely with VS Seeker, a common Item card that allows you to retrieve discarded Supporters. You may just toss the Supporter you’ll need using Battle Compressor and retrieve it with VS Seeker.

Greninja & Zoroark-GX

Because of its assault, this card is your best chance for being a pure attacker in this deck:

30+ Dark Pulse

This move does 30 additional damage multiplied by the total quantity of [D] Energy linked to all of your Pokémon.

This can easily do a lot of damage rapidly because to Max Elixir, Dark Patch, and Darkrai-ability. GX’s Its GX attack is also very strong, but you can only use one of them each match, so I’d keep it for Darkrai-GX unless you’re in a very unique scenario.

Other Dark-themed cards

Because of its ability, Weavile-GX is another broken Dark card:

Shadow Connection is a special ability.

You may shift a basic [D] Energy from one of your Pokémon to another as frequently as you choose during your turn (before your attack).

It’s often partnered with Guzzlord, and it strengthens your Darkrai-GX chain by allowing you to shift Energy around as much as you like, allowing you to pull off that OHKO. This card is fantastic, but it would be even better if it were a Basic rather than a Stage 1.

Finally, Mega Sableye & Tyranitar-GX, which has a 210 damage attack and gives you a +1 Prize card if you use it to knock out a GX or EX card, which are rather common in Expanded, is another attacker. You also have a GX attack that is super-broken, and if you can pull it off, I’d go for it just to see how powerful this card is.

Gigafall-GX 250 Gigafall-GX 250 Gigafall-GX

Discard the top 15 cards of your opponent’s deck if this Pokémon has at least 5 additional Energy connected to it (in addition to the cost of this attack).

With its 5-Energy cost (which isn’t an issue with this deck), there’s a strong possibility your opponent will rage-quit if you manage to pull this off.


Unlike the Toolbox decks, which utilize various kinds of Pokemon to fight different meta cards, this deck concentrates on maximizing the potential of Dark-type cards. It helps that Dark-type Energy-acceleration cards are still permitted in Expanded, since this allows these cards to thrive in the format despite the fact that other kinds continue to acquire cards that can inflict more damage with less Energies.

Check out our Eternatus VMAX and Zoroark-GX Expanded deck if you’re searching for a dark deck with fewer kinds of Pokemon and a single approach. Check out our Ultimate Pokemon TCG Online guide and resource list for additional Standard, Expanded, and Theme deck instructions and lists.

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The “pokémon tcg dark toolbox deck” is a new card type that allows the player to use cards from the discard pile as if they were in their hand. The mechanic was introduced with the release of Pokemon: Dark Explorers in October 2016.

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