Highest Paying Jobs In Psychology

How much do psychologists get paid? The field of psychology is incredibly vast, with many different areas to specialize in, and the amount you will get paid as a practicing psychologist will depend on what you choose to pursue.

One huge reward of pursuing a career in psychology is that you will have the ability to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives. But it’s also great to know that the field of psychology is also financially rewarding.

Curious to know which job in psychology has the biggest earning potential? In this article, we’ll take you through some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of psychology in Australia.

Career Counsellor – $85,005 per Year

Career counsellors consult with individuals who are seeking advice and support while searching for a career. Some may assist clients with their applications by helping them develop a good resume and preparing them for interviews.

Some of the factors that career counsellors will assess include the client’s:

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Previous professional experience
  • Achievements
  • Preferences
  • Motivations
  • Goals

Family Therapist – $90,761 per Year

Family therapists focus on counselling families experiencing emotional difficulties, including parenting matters and grief. They apply their expertise and skills to help families create healthy boundaries and build effective communication with each other. Due to the different dynamics of family psychology, a family therapist may also specialise in marriage therapy, helping couples manage issues in their relationship.

Community Psychologist – $95,431 per Year

The type of psychologist who specializes in and works with disadvantaged and remote groups is referred to as a community psychologist. Their focus is on the social, economic, cultural, political and environmental factors that affect the mental well-being of a specific community to promote positive change within the community. They will conduct independent research, form theoretical frameworks and formulate tailored programs to resolve the specific issues relating to certain communities.

Neuropsychologist –  $95,431 per Year

A Neuropsychologist’s job is to focus on cognitive and behavioural conditions in people that are caused by injuries or diseases that affect the central nervous system.


These psychologists conduct cognitive testing (including language and reading assessments) to assess their patient’s brain function. After assessing the patient, they will diagnose them and establish an appropriate treatment plan. Neuropsychologists are also responsible for monitoring their patient’s progress and well-being by overseeing every phase of their therapy and interventions.

Sports Psychologist –  $95,431 per Year

Sports psychologists combine both brawn and brains to help professional sportspeople remain in peak condition in their field. They work alongside athletes to help them manage and improve their mental well-being while training and competing by teaching them to handle performance pressure and uphold their confidence because how you cope mentally is half the challenge of competing professionally. Another key focus of sports psychologists is helping patients reintegrate after an injury.

School Psychologist – $102,522 per Year

For psychologists with a love for children and a passion for making a difference in the next generation, a school psychologist may be your calling. School psychologists work in educational institutions and provide counseling services and mental health guidance to students. Their main focus is to help children and teenagers cope with behavioral, emotional, and social issues they may face. However, their expertise is not limited to helping kids; school psychologists can also help teachers experiencing challenges with their mental health.

Substance Abuse Counsellor – $106,018 per Year

While every job in the field of psychology has its challenges, substance abuse counselors will see some of the more difficult cases as they provide counsel and treatment to patients involved in drug addiction and substance abuse. These counselors help their patients by creating strategies to help them achieve their goals and remain sober.

Clinical Psychologist – $108,796 per Year

The highest-paid psychologists in the industry are clinical psychologists. These are the people who are involved in examining and treating various mental, behavioural and emotional disorders and issues.


A clinical psychologist’s main responsibility is to improve the psychological wellness of their patients and consult with third parties regarding treatment and processes.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Practice as a Psychologist in Australia?

For anyone on the path to becoming a licensed psychologist, it’s not as easy as completing your bachelor’s degree, as you will need to study further. Once students have successfully completed their Master of Clinical Psychology, they can apply to register as licensed psychologists and then complete a two-year registrar program following their graduation.

For those who studied for another degree or perhaps went into another job in the field of psychology and haven’t received their master’s but still want to pursue this career, it’s not too late. Taking your graduate certificate in psychology and extending it to a graduate diploma in psychology is the first step to becoming a registered psychologist.

Final Thoughts

Most people who intend to practice psychology do it because they love helping people and better understanding the human mind. However, it’s just as rewarding to know that the remuneration makes it worth every second of dealing with the more difficult cases.