How Paraphrasing Boosts Productivity in Freelance Writing?

Professionals from various fields offer freelance services worldwide. People may hire freelance professionals for auditing, graphic design, software development, and other projects. Likewise, many brands that cannot afford in-house content teams or work on projects requiring immense long-form content production hire freelance writers. Brands or companies that hire such people on a freelance basis expect them to deliver quality content.

Sometimes, freelance writers are also tasked with crafting a significant number of write-ups on a similar niche in a few days. This phenomenon may lead to problems for professionals working on a freelance basis. They may end up dealing with writer’s block. Chances of addition of various kinds of mistakes, such as ambiguous sentences or phrases, are also there. Self-plagiarism could be an issue as well. Simply put, dealing with the pressure of delivering tasks on time may significantly compromise the creativity and productivity of freelance writers.

So what is the way out? While there could be multiple solutions to tackle the aforementioned issues, paraphrasing could be a perfect way to boost productivity, get rid of writer’s block, avoid self-plagiarism, and ensure clarity. However, many people doubt the effectiveness of this technique. This article discusses the ability of paraphrasing to boost the productivity of freelance writers. Read on to learn more about this topic.

What is Paraphrasing?

Although the term paraphrasing may sound unique to you, you will be surprised to learn that we use this technique in our everyday conversations. When we convey a person’s message to another individual, we don’t use exactly the same words. Paraphrasing in writing is done the same way. Presenting existing ideas or statements using different words and giving the content a unique shape is called paraphrasing.

This linguistic technique finds its application in various landscapes. You will see students using it to add quotations in their submissions. Researchers and educators also use it to add sourced content from other journals to their papers and publications. The paraphrasing technique is also used in literature and journalism. Since freelance writers are often required to work on similar niches and topics multiple times, they can also use this technique to be on the safe side.

Why Paraphrasing Works as a Productivity Booster?

There are multiple use cases when the paraphrasing technique works as a productivity booster for freelancing writers. We will discuss a few use cases in this section to help you understand the helpfulness of this linguistic technique. Further details are given below.

Getting Rid of Writer’s Block

Sometimes, all a writer needs is inspiration to write the content. However, finding inspiration becomes so difficult that nothing seems to work. Running out of ideas to craft something special, such as an engaging write-up, could be the biggest problem for a creative professional. We can call this situation a writer’s block. The paraphrasing technique lends a helping hand in such a situation. When nothing seems to work for a writer, going through the existing content and rewording it so that it looks unique and engaging is the best solution to get rid of writer’s block and boost a freelancer’s productivity.

Avoiding Self-Plagiarism

As mentioned earlier, when a brand or company hires a freelance writer, it expects unique content from the professional craftsman every time.


However, the problem is the content a freelance writer is asked to write mostly revolves around the same topic. This situation often leads to problems for freelance writers. Working on similar topics constantly may lead to self-plagiarism. However, freelance creative professionals can stay on the safe side and maintain a trusted relationship with their clients.

Refining Content

When you are loaded with frequent work and dealing with the pressure to deliver it on time, you will likely enhance your speed. While this method may help you accomplish various tasks faster, the chances of flaws in the content are also there. These flaws may lead to compromised quality of write-ups. No brand or company forgives compromise on the quality of content. Hence, freelance writers can use the paraphrasing technique to refine the content, improve its quality, and make it more engaging.

How Do You Paraphrase Easily?

While we understand that paraphrasing can help freelance writers in many ways, it is also worth mentioning that paraphrasing content manually takes significant time and effort. Most freelance writers are already running short on time, so spending extra time and effort on paraphrasing is often impossible for them. So what is the solution? The answer to this question is leveraging advanced technology. The digital world has seen significant advancements thanks to AI (artificial intelligence). Many software tools are available to help various users perform their everyday tasks.

All a freelance writer needs to paraphrase content easily without spending extra time and effort and making errors is an advanced AI-backed rewriter tool. You can take help of paraphrasing by


The tool uses sophisticated AI algorithms and NLP techniques to analyze content and paraphrase sentences accordingly. It is developed to paraphrase text in such a way that it keeps the intent the same and allows users to change the tone and feel of content according to their requirements. Freelance writers can use this parafrasear online to ensure quality content is delivered on time.

To Conclude

Offering services as a freelance writer could be tricky. You must ensure top-notch content without mistakes and plagiarism in time. However, freelance writers often struggle to boost their productivity because of various issues, including writer’s block and self-plagiarism. The best way to overcome these issues is using the paraphrasing technique. However, paraphrasing text manually could be time-consuming and laborious. The best way to ensure impeccable paraphrasing and boost productivity is to use a parafrasear online. We have discussed how it can help freelance professionals deliver the best content to their clients. Hopefully, you will also get an idea about the usefulness of the paraphrasing technique and the AI tool that can do it in seconds.