How to Enable & Use it? [Updated November 2021]

How to Enable & Use it?

In order to enable an app, you must first go to the “Settings” menu. From there, select “General”. On the next page, scroll down and select “Device Management”. In the top right corner of this screen is a button that says “Advanced Options”. Clicking on it will bring up another window. In this window, find and click on the option that says “App Management”, then click on the switch that says “On.” Read more in detail here: how to enable an app.

How to Enable & Use it? [Updated November 2021]

Now is the time to enable iTunes Dark Mode. The majority of users work at night rather than in the morning. As a result, all developers want to protect the user’s health and vision. Because your eyes will be affected by the system light when working at night.

If you work in the morning, there will be light all around you that will not bother you. As a result, the developers have included the Dark mode feature to their gadget. iTunes, on the other hand, has a white backdrop that is too bright at night and causes a lot of eye strain.


As a result, they introduced iTunes Dark Mode to protect users. To learn how to enable and use it on your iTunes, just follow the instructions below.

Dark Mode on iTunes

iTunes Dark is a new function that was introduced to the settings lately. In order to protect the user’s health and provide assistance to night employees. Actually, it’s a nice option that you may activate from your preferences.

The term “dark mode” refers to a backdrop that is dark in color. That implies all of the lettering will be black, and the backdrop will be black as well.

On Windows 10, how do you enable and use iTunes Dark Mode?

Step-by-step instructions on how to enable iTunes Dark on Windows can be found at How to Enable iTunes Dark on Windows.

  1. Start the Windows computer.
  2. Open the Options menu.
  3. Go to the Personalization section of the Settings menu.
  4. The Colors choice may be found on the following tab.
  5. “Choose your default app mode” is located at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select Dark from the menu.
  7. Also, I’d want to switch the whole Windows configuration to dark mode. Then, under “Choose your default Windows mode,” choose Dark mode.
  8. Now, launch iTunes.
  9. Dark mode would have been activated from the beginning in iTunes.

On Windows 10/7/8/XP, I’m enjoying using iTunes in Dark Mode. Users come first, and it is our responsibility to protect your health.

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On a Mac, how do you enable and use iTunes Dark Mode?

How-to-Enable-Use-it-Updated-November-2021Dark Mode in iTunes for Windows 10 and Mac

1. Switch on your Mac.


Turn on your Mac and check to see whether you have the most recent version of MACOS installed. Because the previous version would not include the Dark mode.

2. Tap the Apple logo.

The Apple Logo may be seen on the home screen. To access the settings, just touch on it.

3. Go to System Preferences.

Simply scroll down and choose System Preferences.

4. Go to General.

A General option may be found in the System preference. Simply tap on it.

5. Turn on Dark Mode

The Appearance option may be found in the General section. There are two choices available: Light and Dark. Simply choose the Dark mode. Your MAC should now seem to be in Dark Mode.

6. Dark Mode on iTunes

Now, on your MAC, open iTunes. It’ll start out in a dark mode. The letters will all be white, with a black background.

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Final Thoughts

iTunes Dark is fantastic for late-night listening. Because iTunes will be so bright that it will be difficult to see at night. As a result, Dark mode has made it much easier to use it at night. Furthermore, the dark mode is now available on all platforms, including iPhone, MAC, and Windows. As a result, individuals may utilize it to protect their eyes.


Is there a dark mode in iTunes?

Yes, iTunes features a dark mode that you may turn on in the Windows or MAC settings. However, the option will be enabled for all programs on your device, not just iTunes.

In iTunes, how can I enable dark mode?

We’ve already had a conversation about enabling Dark Mode on iTunes. Each device, such as Windows 10 and MAC, has its own set of methods. Visit find out more, go to

Is it true that dark mode is beneficial for your eyes?

Yes, the dark mode is beneficial to your eyes. It will lessen the brightness and offer your eyes more freedom.

What is the procedure for turning on dark mode?

Windows and Mac OS X have recently included a Dark mode option to their settings. To activate it, you must upgrade the program to the most recent version.

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