NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Doesn’t Hold Back Addressing Kyrie Irving Drama

The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, doesn’t hold back when addressing Kyrie Irving and his recent trade request. Silver says that the Celtics should not have traded Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving because they were still a championship contender.

The where is kyrie irving from is a question that has been asked many times. Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, addressed the situation in an interview with ESPN’s Stephen A Smith.

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA spoke in measured tones at his opening-day press conference, reminding out that Kyrie Irving’s absence from the Brooklyn Nets was not mandated by the league. During an appearance on TNT’s NBA Tipoff, Silver took a more direct approach. The commissioner’s candor was a breath of fresh air.

Irving has been suspended indefinitely for failing to comply with New York City’s vaccination requirement for public gyms. The NBA’s players’ union was unable to reach an agreement on required vaccines over the summer, leaving clubs to abide by local laws.

Adam Silver is in charge of the NBA’s third consecutive pandemic season.

The NBA wants to return to a feeling of regularity in 2021–22. The previous two seasons were cut short because to the COVID-19 epidemic. In March 2020, the NBA went on hiatus for more than four months before finishing the season in the Orlando bubble. Last season, the team had a 72-game schedule after a three-month layoff.

This season, the NBA will play an 82-game schedule for the first time since 2018–19. Despite the lack of an agreement on a vaccination requirement, The Associated Press reported that 95 percent of the players had been inoculated.

The Nets’ Kyrie Irving issue is still a heated subject. After ultimately deciding that Irving was not welcome as a part-time player, the club has opted to go on without him for the time being. But it didn’t stop commissioner Adam Silver from having to address the matter many times in the run-up to the season opener.

Kyrie Irving gets some free advise from Silver.

Commissioner Adam Silver reiterated his previous statement when speaking with the TNT NBA Tipoff team. The NBA isn’t involved in the vaccine debate; it’s between Kyrie Irving and New York City. However, he also provided an easy way out for the All-Star point guard:

“First and foremost, I’d advise him to be vaccinated for himself and his family.” Next, for his teammates and community, as well as the league, which I know he is passionate about.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver

Irving, on the other hand, seems to be in it for the long run. Irving “wants to be a voice for the voiceless,” according to sources close to him, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic. In an Instagram Live video, he said that he is not anti-vaccination, but he is against to requirements that are linked to employment.

Irving is in the position of no vaccine, no play until New York City removes or changes its requirement. If his predicament lasts the whole season, it may cost him more than $16 million.

Adam Silver’s words are unlikely to sway Kyrie Irving.

During an appearance on TNT's

During an appearance on TNT's NBA commissioner Adam Silver gave some unsolicited advise to Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets during his appearance on TNT’s “NBA Tipoff.” | Getty Images/Stacy Revere

Kyrie Irving has only missed fewer than 10 games once in his ten-year career. While majority of his absences have been due to injury, Irving missed many games last season following the terrorist assault on the US Capitol on Jan. 6 for personal reasons.

Fans were outraged when video of him visiting a nightclub during his absence surfaced. His most recent absence creates more doubts about how much he wants to play.

Irving’s teammates are not openly condemning him. The majority of players are walking cautiously when it comes to immunization.

That’s why Adam Silver’s remarks on Tuesday night were so unexpected. The commissioner treads a fine line between the players and management, seldom saying anything that might be seen negatively by the league.

Commissioner Adam Silver, on the other hand, took a risk with his message to Kyrie Irving. It remains to be seen if the message gets heard.

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