New World: How to Get Petrified Wood

The stone has been used as a decoration for over 10,000 years. The petrified wood can be found in many parts of the world, but is most notably highly prized from New Mexico’s Petrified Forest National Park. How was this wood originally created? What are some techniques other than age that create this type of material?

The “best way to get petrified wood new world” is a process that has been around for centuries. The process starts with collecting the wood from a tree and then using heat to turn it into stone.

Petrified wood is difficult to come by in New World owing to its apparently buggy nature and low drop rate. This is a Tier II wood type that is frequently utilized for engineering and arcana weaponry. It is described as wood that has aged to the point of having stone-like characteristics.

There are a variety of ways to get petrified wood, but this article will focus on the most effective methods.

Petrified Wood Locations in the New World

Petrified wood is a rare drop, as mentioned above, although many players have reported having a tougher difficulty obtaining it than other uncommon goods.

It’s unclear if petrified wood is presently bugged, but in-game suggestions have led gamers to cut down young and older trees in the hopes of finding any, but no one seems to be succeeding. Dead trees, on the other hand, have proved to be the greatest option.

Dead trees are ones that are discovered lying on the ground and may be harvested with an axe and Level 0 logging. When searching, there is no one particular area of the landscape to focus on, so go into whatever forest you choose and start hunting for these collapsed trees.

However, don’t be afraid to cut down live trees to improve your logging ability, which will boost your chances of getting rare items from dead trees.

If our assumption that petrified wood drop rates are presently bugged is accurate, keep a look out for it in future updates. It should be possible to get it as an unusual drop from young trees, adult trees, dead trees, tree stumps, and cacti of all sizes once it’s corrected.

Increase the Petrified Wood Drop Rate in the New World

There are a few methods for increasing the pace at which this uncommon wood drops. For starters, as previously mentioned, improve your logging skills by felling a large number of trees. Better drops are correlated with greater expertise.

There are a few things you can make to offer yourself luck boosts if you don’t want to go through the lumberjacking grind.


The logging trophies, of which there are three kinds, are the most common item type to use:

  • Trophy for Minor Logging Gathering (+5% Luck)
    • Lumber 25 times
    • 20 ingots of steel
    • 1 pound of maple stain
    • Air Mote (25x)
  • Ingredients: Basic Logging Gathering Trophy (+10 percent Luck),
    • Wyrdwood Planks (25 pieces)
    • 20x Ingots of Starmetal
    • 1 pound of oak stain
    • 1x Token of a Lumberjack
  • Ingredients: Major Logging Gathering Trophy (+15 percent Luck),
    • Ironwood Planks (25 pcs.)
    • Orichalcum Ingots (20 pcs.)
    • 1 quart of Mahogany Stain
    • 1 pound of pure resin

These luck enhancements will be granted to you if you craft these trophies and display them in your house, and they will have a significant effect on the pace at which you acquire petrified wood from dead trees.

Another method to boost your drop rates is to use the Logging Luck perk.

The Logging Luck perk may be applied during crafting by using a Starmetal’s Lumberjack Charm, and its effect scales with your gear score, ranging from a 2% to a 9.3% increase. Unfortunately, unlike fae iron, there are no consumables that can help you improve your luck.

Uses of Petrified Wood in the New World

Petrified wood is a crafting material that may be used to make engineering and arcana goods. The Tier II weapons Venerable Recurve and Starlight, in particular, need four wood. The Tier III Breach Hunter’s Fire Staff weapon requires two petrified wood, whereas the Tier V Meteor Trail requires just one. 

New World Meteor Trail

In New World, you’ll often need to harvest rare materials, and you’ll want to cut down on the time it takes as much as possible so you can go back to your missions and narrative. With all of this knowledge, you should be able to complete your petrified wood farming quickly.

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Petrified wood is a type of mineral that can be found in the New World. This article will teach you how to get petrified wood and what it does. Reference: petrified wood drop rate new world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the world can you find petrified wood?

A: In the Petrified Forest National Park in Painted Dunes, which is a part of the Petrified Forest State Park.

How do you get rare wood in new world?

A: You can find a rare tree by digging in the forest biome. The trees will appear as white dots on your minimap, and youll have to use a shovel to dig it up from the ground. Alternatively, if youre lucky enough for one of these perfect spots with no other blocks nearby, just build something around them!

Is there a way to petrify wood?

A: Yes, you can petrify wood with goo.

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