How to survive the hardest scenario in Frostpunk

In Frostpunk, the player must build a functioning society from scratch. The game’s developers have created a number of challenging scenarios to test players’ abilities and put their knowledge to the test.

Frostpunk scenarios is a game that takes place in the future, where the world has been frozen over and people are struggling to survive. This game can be difficult at times, but there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

Since the release of Frostpunk, there has been much discussion over which scenario is the most difficult to play and win. In the end, most people would agree that The Fall of Winterhome is Frostpunk’s most difficult scenario. With that in mind, I’ll show you how to defeat The Fall of Winterhome with the fewest possible losses.

First and foremost

Pause time begins as soon as the game begins. We’re on a tight deadline, therefore we need to keep employees occupied at all times to guarantee optimum efficiency.

Coal should be your primary focus. Coal thumpers are a fine place to start, but they run out of raw material soon, so you’ll have to focus your efforts on building a coal mine, which brings us to your next priority: the workshop.

Because you must do extensive research early on, your workshop must operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must select between the Emergency Shift and Extended Shift regulations in order to do so. It won’t make the employees pleased, but they’ll get by.

The next stage is to assign jobs to everyone. Fill in the blanks for every structure, including children (you’ll need the Child Labor Act for this). Place the youngsters in the cookhouses and distribute the remainder as you see fit.

Send out anybody who is free to remove the debris all around the city after you’ve filled all empty structures. Clear any debris inside the generator’s heat zone first, then work your way outwards, removing any rubble near the coal mine and steelwork sections.

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Starting at the beginning

Now that you’ve finished setting up your city, it’s time to restart the game and see how things proceed. Your first task is to set up the workshop where you will do research on the first scout team. If you just have one workshop, I recommend building another one immediately next to it so that you may obtain a 130 percent research rate instead of the 100 percent you started with.

Collect the 40 wood needed for the scout squad and send them out towards the northwest after the research is completed. I know you’ll be tempted to bring back the first set of engineers you encounter, but ignore them and go on until you locate another group of engineers who will uncover a new camp.

Begin the quicker collecting research once the scout team research is completed. By the end of the first workday, this study should be completed. Activate the Emergency Shift option and assign those engineers to the second scout team, so you may send them east towards the dreadnought and then farther east to locate steam cores.

Allow your employees to gather another 40 wood and construct a resource depot, which they should set to coal. Rep the procedure, but this time change the second resource depot to food rations instead of coal.

Now is the moment to concentrate on the people. Construct a medical facility and hire the five engineers as employees. To construct it, choose a location near to the generator.

The hunters’ cabin is the next stop. As many employees as possible should be placed so that they can gather food for your city.

The first storm has arrived.

It’s critical to construct steam hubs and put them near the debris piles your employees are working on before the cold sets in. If you don’t, the employees and children will get ill and die, and you can’t afford to squander that much human capital.

If you have to choose between Faith and Order, choose Faith and construct prayer homes and temples. Why are you taking this route? People are happy when they visit prayer homes and temples because they are filled with optimism.

Build approximately four additional medical facilities and distribute the personnel from the first one among them. People who die can’t truly work for you, therefore we need to be able to hold anybody who becomes ill. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your tents to homes; else, keeping your people warm and healthy would be difficult.

The next goal is to upgrade your hunters’ hut, but this will need a lot of steel, so you’ll need to study and construct the two steelworks as quickly as possible.

Finally, have your scout team return to base, picking up the first team of engineers along the way. You’ll come upon an automaton, but leave it alone.

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Sort out your priorities.

Your employees will not be pleased working 24-hour shifts, but you will need the steam coal mine, as I already said. You should also construct the second steam coal mine, but you won’t be able to do so until the second scout team with the steam cores returns.

You’ve probably cleaned up most of the wreckage by now, which means your original supply of wood is running out. As a result, you must construct the two wall drills. Set all coal mines, steelworks, and wall drills to extended shifts after they’re completed. Your employees will be unhappy once again, but if you use the temple talents, you’ll be OK. Investigate and turn on the sophisticated heater in the most critical structures, such as medical facilities, hothouses, and workshops.

The finish is in sight.

It’s time to fix your generator, and if you’ve followed all of the steps above, your city should have few to no ill individuals.

This is when things start to become difficult. In order to escape the last storm, you’ll need to deliver 5k coal, 10k steel, 5k food, and pretty much all of your steam cores to the dreadnought.

You must first approve the prosthetics legislation and manufacture the prostheses in your factory in order to succeed, since you cannot ship amputees elsewhere. Make sure the factory is working in long shifts.

Sned 25 engineers away, and you’ll be given your first task: send the youngsters away with any resources you have that are approaching their storage limit, which will most likely be food at this time.

Dismantle all of the hunters’ hangars and send the employees, as well as the additional steel you obtained from the disassembly, away.

When you send people away, be sure to deconstruct any homes or structures you won’t be utilizing any longer. The last job is to use steam cores to destroy any buildings so that you may send them away as well. However, the coal mines should be saved until last.

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You should be able to rescue almost everyone if you’ve done everything correctly. That’s all there is to it. This has proved to be the most difficult scenario in Frostpunk, and it has taken me a long time to not only survive but also to win it, but I eventually did, and I believe you will be able to do so as well with these suggestions.

Just keep in mind that you should make the most of the time you have. If you’re having trouble keeping track of everything, remember that you may stop time at any moment and pick up where you left off. Set the chores you’ll need and then unpause the game after you’re through. Also, whenever feasible, utilize the temple talents to guarantee that no one rises up against you.

The frostpunk survivor mode guide is a general article on how to survive the hardest scenario in Frostpunk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Frostpunk so difficult?

Frostpunk is a difficult game because you have to manage resources. You need to be careful with how you allocate your population and the buildings that you construct, as well as being aware of what can happen when things start going wrong.

How do you survive the Ark in Frostpunk?

You need to focus on keeping your population alive. The Ark is the only way to keep them alive, so you need to protect it at all costs.

How many scenarios in Frostpunk?

Frostpunk has 10 scenarios.

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