Razer Made an RGB Fan for Your Phone

The Razer Phone has a giant display and an impressive new cooling system to keep it cool, but at the end of the day you’re going to want something that lets your phone light up in all its RGB glory. Enter: The Razer-exclusive RAZERFAN PRO for iPhone XS Max/XR/Xs or any other phone with USB Type-C port!

The “best phone cooling fan” is a product of Razer. It has RGB lighting and has been designed to fit most phones.

Razer Made an RGB Fan for Your Phone

However, if you have a newer iPhone, the Phone Cooler Chroma comes with a bonus: it supports MagSafe. This means it may be magnetized to the rear of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

The goal is to keep up a consistent level of performance. As you use your smartphone, the CPU warms up, especially if you’re playing games or doing other chores that need a lot of processing power.

The CPU throttles as you utilize it more to prevent things from getting out of hand. Your phone won’t operate at the same level in the long run, but it won’t be molten lava.

The Phone Cooler Chroma seems to maintain your smartphone at a comfortable temperature. However, Razer does not specify how much cooler the fan would keep the components of your phone. Because the fan does not come into close touch with the CPU, this makes logical.

The Phone Cooler Chroma comes with a cooling plate on the rear cover for the fan. The electronic tile transfers heat from the phone via thermoelectric cooling.

Then there’s the heatsink and the seven-blade fan, which can spin at up to 6,400 RPM. Last but not least, there’s the air vents and RGB lights on the lid.

The Phone Cooler Chroma is available now for $59.99 if this appeals to you. For the same price, a MagSafe-compatible version is also available.


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The “phone cooling case” is a product that Razer has created for people who have an iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, or other models of the iPhone. The product includes a fan and RGB lighting.

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