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The Mars Orbit Mission is a collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency. It consists of three components: Phobos-Grunt, Schiaparelli EDL lander, and Curiosity Rover. The mission was launched by Russia on October 19th 2013 with two main objectives: to study Martian dust storms in detail and search for evidence of life on Mars (past or present).

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and it’s also known as the red planet. It has a very thin atmosphere, which is mostly carbon dioxide. NASA launched its first mission to Mars in 1971, which was called Mariner 9.



Even the finest space companies have yet to execute a Mars Orbiter Mission, and industrialized nations are still attempting to reach Mars.

Mission Accomplished Mars

Essay-On-Mars-Orbit-Mission-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsThere are many countries that are well-developed, and they are among the world’s most successful nations. They have nothing to lose, while we have so much to gain. They do all they can since they are not short on cash and can spend as much as they want in space research, but they are still unable to reach Mars orbit.


There is only one nation in the world that has successfully reached Mars orbit and finished the whole mission, and that country is India, which is now under development.

India’s outstanding scientific team, and the most powerful weapon in their arsenal for completing this goal, is their faith and confidence. Their commitment to their job was 100 percent, so what could possibly stop them from reaching Mars after accumulating so many bonus points?

Funding Issues

Essay-On-Mars-Orbit-Mission-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsWe all know that India is underdeveloped country, it does not have so many funds to raise for the space research organization, but then to the Indian Space Research Organization team which is also known as ISRO managed somehow to complete this mission in the lesser budget which they have priced good or bad they did whatever they could.


They had nothing but confidence in their ability to accomplish this objective, and it was only through their efforts that the task was completed successfully. There were many obstacles they had to overcome, but Indians are known for their tenacity and refusal to give up. This aids them in overcoming their difficulties.

The Indian government was also unable to provide funding for this mission, but the ISRO team managed to accomplish it within the yearly budget that they were given in and made history.

The World’s Demotivation

1625966592_564_Essay-On-Mars-Orbit-Mission-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsNow, you may be thinking that the entire world has been demotivating India, that you are still a developing country, and that there are countries that have already developed but have yet to reach the mass on their sixth or seventh attempt, while you, as a developing country, want to reach Mars on your first attempt.

It was a severe instance of folly; every nation told us the same thing, but no one was willing to comprehend or even listen to the concept. However, the Indian research team achieved the seemingly impossible by delaying the Chandrayaan II project and investing on the Mars mission. However, since the Chandrayaan II project was nearly complete, the budget was almost half-filled, but the crew had total confidence in it, and they were able to launch the Mars mission with a 100% success rate.

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The “mars information” is a essay on the mars orbit mission for students. The essay is meant to help students understand the mission and its importance.

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What is an important space mission on Mars?

What should I write about on Mars?

A: You can easily find ideas to write about on Mars by opening a dictionary and reading through the entries. Some good places to start are in history, art, or humanities.

Why Mars exploration is important?

A: The exploration of Mars is important due to the development and progressions made by humans. It allows humanity to gain a better understanding of the planet, its history, and how it interacts with Earths atmosphere.

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