The Centralized Cryptocurrency That Is Taken The Tech World By Storm

In 2017, the market was flooded with cryptocurrencies promising new technology and innovation. But it has been two years since that initial hype and what remains is a world of cryptocurrency coins trying to gain mass adoption. With many different versions of blockchain all competing for position, investors are left conflicted about which coin should […]

Where Is the Spider-Man Mythic – Guide Fall

For the uninitiated, Spider-Man: Homecoming is an upcoming film in which Peter Parker returns to his role as a web-slinger after the events of Captain America: Civil War. The movie explores what happens when people start using superpowers for evil instead of good. The “where is the spider man mythic in fortnite on the map” […]

Rune Factory 4 Romance Options and How to Get Married

In this game, Rune Factory 4, you can get married to a total of 14 different characters. This article will outline all the options and give tips on how to marry each character in your farm. The “rune factory 4 marriage requirements” is a list of the requirements needed to be married in Rune Factory […]

The Chase trifecta: How to earn more travel rewards with your credit card

When you’re booking travel, it’s easy to get caught up in the chase for an amazing deal – but why not target your precious earning potential? There are a wide range of ways that one can earn bonuses with their credit card. In this article, we’ll explore three different methods of maximizing these rewards and […]

Razer Made an RGB Fan for Your Phone

The Razer Phone has a giant display and an impressive new cooling system to keep it cool, but at the end of the day you’re going to want something that lets your phone light up in all its RGB glory. Enter: The Razer-exclusive RAZERFAN PRO for iPhone XS Max/XR/Xs or any other phone with USB […]

Rose Bowl preview

The Rose Bowl, one of the most eagerly awaited sporting events on New Year’s Day in college football has been played since 1902. The major part of this game is that it always ends with a tie and no winner. This year will be different however as Alabama travels to play against Georgia for their […]

Mbappe, Pogba, Dybala out of reach? Here are some alternative free agent options

After the recent flurry of player movement, there are a limited number of options still available for those looking to sign players. Here is an overview at some other interesting targets that may be worth your attention. The “paulo dybala” is a player that many clubs are interested in, but he will be out of […]

How to Clear Cache on Xbox One? [Complete Guide]

While the Xbox One is a very powerful gaming console, it does fall short in one area: storage. You can only use up to 500 GB if you want to install games and apps on your hard drive without ejecting them any other way (if you choose not to install them onto the cloud). In […]